Sam Power

  • Packages offered: Unlock Your Mind's Full Potential
  • Who will benefit:
    Come by if you:
    o Feel like doubt and anxiety prevents you from expressing your true self
    o Have a lack of purpose and clarity as to where you want to be heading in life
    o Feel overwhelmed by emotions and thoughts and want to finally find some inner peace!
  • What you get: Learn how to meditate effectively without distraction
    o Learn how to enhance your concentration skills
    o Relief from anxiety and depression
    o How to access your inner stillness and peace
    o How to discipline the mind
    o How to go with the flow of life
    o Understand how to establish more loving relationships with themselves and others
    o Understand the energy centres in your body and how to use them to promote health
    o Protect yourself from negative ‘energy suckers’
    o Get in touch with your true purpose in life
  • Video: Interview with Sam for Mind Works channel
  • Contact: You can book a workshop on Eventbrite or contact Sam for further information by email or call 07952284164
  • Website: