Gary Coulton

  • Packages offered: In-company leadership development, coaching for individuals and teams, workshops “How to be an Agile Adaptive Leader”, “Speaking in Public with Ease” & “How to Think like an Elite Business Athlete". Please see the events page for upcoming dates and booking tickets.
    Gary is CEO of Adaptive Intelligence Consulting Ltd and uses his 30-plus years of experience as a university academic, innovator, executive coach, sports coach, scientific researcher and family man to help people and organisations imagine the future; experience the present fully and learn from the past
  • Who will benefit: Owners, CEO’s & senior managers of companies, charities and educational organisations.
  • What you get: Practical ways to lead and manage achievement in organisations and in professional life, ways to create influence, catalyse your creativity and ensure enduring achievement
  • Video: Interview for Mind Works channel
  • Contact: To book a workshop please see the events page or email Gary if you would like a free, confidential discussion
  • Website: